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Preparing The Environment For Worship
David McNorgan
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In Preparing the Environment for Worship, David McNorgan explains that when we pray at liturgy we do so with our entire bodies. Therefore, the preparation of the environment—everything that we might hear, see, smell, taste, and touch—becomes an important part of the celebration.

Preparing the Environment for Worship examines different aspects of preparation and discusses the concerns surrounding them. It offers reflections and suggestions to aid in the art of preparing the environment. The full expression of the liturgy's symbols and the active participation of the assembly is the goal of good preparation. Rituals, and the traditions that have fostered them, are included in the discussion.

Chapters are "Environment and Ritual," "Transitional Space," "The Baptismal Environment," "Dealing with Space," "Focal Points," "The Things of the Liturgy," and "Embodying the Paschal Mystery."

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