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The Shepherd and the 100 Sheep
Michal Hudak
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Teach your children about the power of Jesus' love through beautiful full-color illustrations and an easy-to-read story. In The Shepherd and the 100 Sheep Michal Hudak builds on the theme of Jesus as our shepherd and offers you an uncomplicated way to share it with children.

Hudak leads children ages 3-9 through the story of Woolly, a sheep who strays away from his shepherd and ends up lost. The story follows the shepherd as he struggles to find Woolly, even though he still has ninety-nine sheep left. As this short story unfolds, children learn not only of Jesus’ love, but of Jesus’ struggles to help each of us return to him when we stray and how he celebrates when we do.

The Shepherd and the 100 Sheep has full-color illustrations that draw children into the short paragraphs of rhyming songs and playful, talking sheep.

Click here to view a video made by the original Swedish publish of The Shepherd and the 100 Sheep. Note: The singing is in swedish!

Michal Hudak is from Sweden. He is the author and illustrator of children's books

A touching story of Woolly, a little sheep with black ears who learns the hard way how precious and valuable he is to the Shepherd. Hudak's lovely illustrations will delight young and old alike, and his charming story is a perfect segue to explaining to little ones about the Shepherd who loved children enough to die for them.
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