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Episcopal Ordination and Ecclesial Consensus
Sharon L. McMillan
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Liturgical scholars refer to Episcopal ordination as a two-stage process: election and consecration. Using early and medieval texts of the Roman Rite, Sharon L. McMillan demonstrates how this two-stage sacrament involved a consensus of the local See, neighboring Sees, metropolitan See, and eventually the apostolic See as critically important elements of the election. The same history also shows how one by one each of those voices fell silent, except for the papal, and how ordination has now become an act with only one stage: the consecration.

If both election and consecration were originally vital elements of the sacrament, why aren’t they now? How was the election stage lost in the liturgical tradition of the West? How might it be retrieved? Why would it be important for the life of the church to retrieve it? Episcopal Ordination and Ecclesial Consensus answers these questions and provides the liturgical basis for increasing interest in the election of bishops.

Chapters are Chapter One: The Roman Model of Episcopal Ordination, Chapter Two: The Gallican Model of Episcopal Ordination, Chapter Three: The Evolution of the Roman and Gallican Models of Episcopal Ordination, Chapter Four: The Presentation of the Bishop-Elect in Selected Pontificals of the Middle Ages, Chapter Five: The Presentation of the Bishop-Elect in the Editio Princeps (1485) and in the Editio Typica (1595), and Chapter Six: The Presentation of the Bishop-Elect in the Rite of Episcopal Ordination According to the Reform of the Second Vatican Council.

Sharon McMillan, S.N.D. de N., S.L.D., is associate professor of sacramental theology and liturgy at St. Patrick’s Seminary, Menlo Park, California.

The absence of the laity's and clergy's voice in the discernment of episcopal appointments is widely lamented in the post-vatican II Church. addressing this lament, Sharon McMillan provides a compelling, historically and theologically grounded argument for true ecclesial consensus in the selection of bishops.
Donald Cozzens, John carroll University, author of The Changing Face of the Priesthood and Faith That Dares to Speak
Sharon McMillan's study of the rites of episcopal ordination brings the ritual medium of church authority and care under the light of critical reading, evaluation, and prognosis for the future of the church.
Martin Connell, st. John's University School of Theology, Collegeville, Minnesota
History has a way of being prophetic. Dare we listen? In Episcopal Ordination and Ecclesial Concensus Sharon L. McMillan does more than her stated purpose of tracing the history (and demise) of a two-stage proves of Episcopal ordination (election and consecration/ordination), providing the reader with Latin texts and translations, and presenting a careful structural analysis and comparison of the whole gamut of ordination rites. She does even more in that she uncovers and challenges underlying ecclesiologies and pastoral issues at each stage of the development of the rite. Further, McMillan shows how passion for an insight and method can produce competent liturgical scholarship which draws the reader to analyze and critique both historical documents and contemporary practice. Dare we listen?
Joyce Ann Zimmerman, C.PP.S., Director, Institute for Liturgical Ministry, Dayton, Ohio
Sharon McMillan's text offers a rich history and theology of episcopal ordination rites along with important ecclesiological implications which the author draws from her study. This book should be required reading not only for new bishops, but for all those who wish to better understand the significant role that the local church has played in the selection and ordination of bishops over the centuries. McMillan's research makes a good case for recovering collegial structures of church leadership and provides solid liturgical foundations for further discussion on the topic.
Keith F. Pecklers, S.J., Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, Italy
This work is scrupulously researched and will be of value to liturgists and canonists.
Catholic Library World
The wisdom of our ancient tradition has much to teach us. This important book can help.
The theological and liturgical world of the western church should be extremely grateful to McMillan for the detailed work which she has done in the production of this excellent book.
This volume on Episcopal ordination is remarkable in its depth and breadth.
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