The Deacon's Ministry of the Word


The Deacon's Ministry of the Word offers both scriptural and theological resources, as well as strategies and approaches, for effectively communicating the word of God. The book focuses primarily on the homily-but the ideas and skills can be readily ...

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Sacramentality Renewed


Tracing developments in sacramental theology over the past twenty-five years, this study explores a growing ecumenical dynamism in both the academic study of sacramentality and its centrality in pastoral applications. But how does ecumenical exciteme...

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Liturgy's Imagined Past/s


This book calls attention to the importance of scholarly reflection on the writing of liturgical history. The essays not only probe the impact of important shifts in historiography but also present new scholarship that promises to reconfigure some of...

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Water Shaping Stone


The Catholic Tradition requires the faithful to form and follow their conscience. This is the case even with the recognition that consciences can be malformed and one can make errs in practical judgments. Water Shaping Stone examines various aspects ...

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