The Rule of St. Benedict Library: CD-ROM Edition (PC)
The Rule of St. Benedict Library: CD-ROM Edition (PC)
Primary and Secondary Sources
Scott Rains, Editor

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The Rule of St. Benedict is a foundational document in the history of Western Christianity. It serves as a bridge between the patristic Eastern tradition and the emerging European tradition of the sixth century. In the past, exploring the depth and meaning of the Rule has meant flipping through numerous volumes of an exhaustively researched collection of literature and applying a well-defined research methodology. But now, for the first time, the Rule is united with key works in this literature in an environment which facilitates the application of this research methodology on one CD-ROM:The Rule of St. Benedict Library.

Containing eight works essential for studying Benedict's Rule, The Rule of St. Benedict Library allows you to spend less time searching and more time studying. Instead of flipping through many volumes spread out across your desk, you can open more than one document at a time, side by side on your computer screen. You can also link those documents together and automatically find the corresponding paragraphs and footnotes in each when you scroll through one of the texts or search for a topic using the menu commands. The highlighted abbreviations, footnote numbers, and Bible verses in each text save you even more time by opening screens that provide explanations or further information when you click on them.

The texts contained on The Rule of St. Benedict Library are A Life-Giving Way by Esther de Waal; Early Monastic Rules: The Rules of the Father and the Regula orientalis; Benedict's Rule: A Translation and Commentary by Terrence Kardong, O.S.B.; RB 1980: The Rule of St. Benedict in Latin and English with Notes edited by Timothy Fry, O.S.B.; The Rule of the Master, introduction, text, translation, and notes by Adalbert de Vogüé; The Roman Psalter; the Latin Vulgate; and the NRSV translation of the Bible.

The Rule of St. Benedict Library was developed with the help of a generous grant from The Abbey Endowment Fund of Benedictine University, Lisle, Illinois.

Save valuable time when you:
• find related paragraphs and footnotes in different texts at the same time—automatically
• open informational screens by clicking on highlighted words
• search for topics using simple menu commands
• research and analyze the Rule quickly and easily
• add "bookmarks" and "notes" to assist in personal study
• print your results for personal study
• get answers to your questions using the full help screens

System requirements:
• IBM 386-SX or equivalent, Windows 3.1
• 3 MB hard disk space
• 4 MB RAM (8 MB recommended)
• CD drive
• mouse
• VGA graphics adapter; color monitor preferred

Scott Rains is a member of the Monastic Researchers Section of the American Benedictine Academy and former director of University Ministry at Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. He received a Doctorate in Ministry from Graduate Theological Foundation and a Graduate Certificate in Monastic Studies from St. John's University.

A great way to study the text of RB closely without too much clutter on the desk! . . . No digitally-literate monastic working in the area of RB will want to be deprived of this important tool for understanding better the Rule and its contexts.

. . . skillfully compiled . . . there is everything one might need for an in depth study of St. Benedict's Rule his sources and his spirituality. I am not going to comment on the scholarship of the books contained in this very impressive little library for they speak volumes for themselves.

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Publication Date: 10/01/1999