Pilgrim in Time

Pilgrim in Time

Mindful Journeys to Encounter the Sacred
Rosanne Keller

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Pilgrimage is a mindful journey to encounter, explore, and become aware of the sacred. Rosanne Keller’s emphasis on sacred, altered time is a distinctive feature of Pilgrim in Time. In this book, she takes us to pilgrimage sites as well as sacred places close at hand, such as one’s own garden.

Pilgrimage is also a place to face and deal with our fears. It can lead to self-knowledge. As we continue on the path we move out of ourselves. Pilgrim in Time encourages us to rediscover the sacredness of this earth and her peoples as we travel on some hallowed way.

Rosanne Keller is a world traveler, teacher, writer, and sculptor. A retreat and workshop leader, she also works with students in her studio in Hunt, Texas.

Her little book reminds us that time is sacred, whether we're on pilgrimage or going through our ordinary days.
National Catholic Reporter

This is a brave and beautiful book. Its gentle and alluring writing draws us into the author's rich experience, exploring the whole landscape of pilgrimage as an encounter with the sacred. Rosanne Keller is a born writer, whose perceptiveness and prose march together in a memorable and life-enhancing alliance. To read her is to be deepened immeasurably and stirred towards pilgrimage. She makes you a companion of her own well-recounted pilgrimages and of her whole life's journey. I urge you to read it.
Richard Eyre, Dean Emeritus of Exeter

. . . great nourishment for body, mind and spirit. Rosanne Keller's book may encourage others to reflect more deeply on their own experiences.
Prairie Messenger

In ten absorbing chapters, [Keller] shares the insights she gained while visiting locales described briefly under the headings pyramids, circles, domes, towers, rivers, mountains, islands, temples, cathedrals, mosques, and ruins. And we are with her on the final night of 1999 for a `small pilgrimage' in the frozen fields behind her home in Minnesota.
Writing Works

. . . provides everyone with a first-rate passage through history. There may well be a run on history books as this timeline attracts attention.
Prairie Messenger

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